Fishing in the Great Hindsjön

Fish and species

The fish species that occur are Pike (n), perch (n), Vendace (n), Roach (n), Tench (s) and Zander (n) and Signal Crayfish (r)

r = abundance   n = normal occurrence

s = sparse presence


Fishing season and fishing methods

Spinning and trolling:

Pike and zander: April -nov.

Perch: May to October


Perch: April to August,

Tench and Roach: May to September

Ice fishing:

Perch: December to March


The biggest fish:

Pike: 14 kg (Angling 1910 s)

The largest pike 2013: 7.2 kg

The largest walleye 2013: 4.5 kg


Fishing license

The Association offers the following types of fishing permits applicable in the fishing area:

Day 100 SEK

Annual license, personal 300 SEK

Annual license, family 350 SEK

The fishing license entitles only to artisanal fishing.

It also includes the right to fish with trolling and

trolling with a rod. Day card is valid for one day and

the annual pass valid for one calendar year.

The fishing license must be presented on fishing.


Fishing permits are sold at:

Coop Nära, Alstervägen 33, 380 44  Alsterbro

Phone: (+46) 481-50023

Fishing rules

Minimum size / maximum measure of pike are 50/80 cm (fish below and above the measures must be

thrown back into the lake). Maximum number of

fish that may be taken up is one pike per day.


Minimum size / maximum measure of walleye is

50/70 cm. Maximum number of fish that may be

taken up is a walleye per day.


Boats and boat rentals

Fishery Conservation Association has a rowing

boat rental and ramp for insertion of own boats

at the association's facility at Ögårdsvägen.

Rent of Association boat is managed by:

Coop Nära

Alstervägen 23

Tel: (+46) 481-50023.


Vessel price is 100 SEK per day.


There is also the possibility, subject to availability,

rent mooring at a cost of 400 SEK per year.


Depth Map

Depth Map of the lake is available at Coop Nära.

The map is laminated size A3 size and in color.

Price 150 SEK


Accommodation facilities

Alsterbro Minihotell

Hindsjövägen 2

380 44   Alsterbro

Tel: (+46) 481 – 53302



Link to

Alsterbro Minihotell & Camping


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