Kjell teaches you how to bake sourdough bread in a stone oven!

Welcome to Småland, Alsterbro Mini Hotel and our unique environment.

In the bakehouse, we can accommodate groups of maximum 8 people. We teach how to bake authentic stone oven baked bread in a wood oven.

The recipe is 100 years old.

Baking time is 4 hours. Baking Guests can of course keep their own baked bread. There will be about 30 loaves.

It is possible to order a good dinner at nearby Villa Fröjdekulla afterwards.

Very welcome!

Baking course


Price: 2.000 SEK /group

Max 8 persons.

Price: 900 SEK /person.

Reservations and inquiry:


Cellphone: 070-524 10 33

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