Alsterbro Minihotell

The house was built in 1958 for public dental care, sickness fund and police station with a guard room, report- and interrogation-room and two prisoncells

The jail was mostly for sobering up on the simple bunks.

This part of the house was transformed in the autumn of 2009 to Alsterbro Minihotell, a unique and modern mini-hotel with five guest rooms, all equipped with WiFi, TV, toilet and shower.


The perfect starting point for excursions to

Crystal Kingdom, Moose-Park, hiking trails, sightseeing, fishing and recreation.

Activities in Alsterbro

With our camper, my wife and I have visited many beautiful places in our country.

The campsite next to Hindsjön in Alsterbro has become a favorite place where I take many beautiful nature photos.

We wish you very welcome to Alsterbro!

Thomas Jeansson

Alsterbro Minihotell & Camping


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